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Elaine's Garden was formerly Healing Garden Herbs

About Elaine’s Garden

I'm passionate about plants and the need to cohabit this planet in the most honoring way. It is time for us to wake up, to embrace our symbiosis with the plant world, and honor the Earth as our precious home. My work with plants follows the Wise Woman Tradition, combining herbalism, sustainable gardening practices, and energy work. This is the wisdom of our elders, asleep within each of us yet ready to be remembered and utilized again. Since childhood I have worked with the energies of animals, plants, and people through touch, unaware it had a name or any formal practice. I've since trained in various energy methods, including Qi Gong, Reiki, and Source Point Therapy. I'm excited to share this journey of organic gardener / herbalist / energy worker. Welcome to my Garden!

The plants have much to teach if we will stop and listen.


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The Village Herbalist is in!
Teaching you how to grow and use herbs for food, fun, and wellness.

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Want to learn how to make your own lotions and cremes? Craft herbal remedies? Grow a butterfly garden? Learn with Elaine!

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Organic Gardening

Get growing! Elaine will show you how.

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"The kale was amazing, and best of all, it lived through our cold snowy winter and produced our first home grown crop of the year! We let it go all the way to seed, and the flowers were filled with bees, which always makes us happy." -Lauren Dunwald (organic) Farm Hopewell, NJ

"Thank you for the distance healing last evening. About 45 minutes after we spoke I found that the pain had subsided to a point where it was nearly gone. I got up at about 4:00 AM (my usual) without any pain and I feel great. Thank you very much." -Justin Overland Park, KS

"Working with Elaine is a joy. She takes time to sit with our intention and has helped create a palpable shift in energy to our space. Her work is both unique and invaluable." -Sarah Sage Center for Yoga and Healing Arts Kansas City, MO

"I took [the tincture] Thursday morning after I felt right side pain and hip pain that usually indicates stone, did not have pains all day. I think I flushed the stone out of my system... Nice taste! Soothing to spirit." -Kristi Gladstone, MO

"You've been a world of information and encouragement as I seek knowledge about [my son's] health. You are a blessing!" -Jennifer Olathe, KS

"Many thanks to you for my energy healing. I feel joyful and content. I feel clearer, mentally and spiritually." -Kristi Gladstone, MO

"I am in awe. So amazed of what you are seeing and I'm about to reflect on all your words now. I am so happy from everything you said. My sinuses are really clearing up... Since you did the [distance] energy work it has started breaking loose and draining." -Jen Monroe, LA


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